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For over twenty years, SnapFashun has been providing the fashion industry with a unique digital resource that allows its users to effortlessly convert their creative ideas into virtual garment designs in minutes. At SnapFashun, our mission is to preserve the art of fashion design by bringing together an extensive digital design library to inspire, educate and support the design process for design professionals, students, teachers, home sewers and the fashion curious. 


Our software works along with Adobe Illustrator to provide an interactive reference library as well as browser to store and retrieve sketches. AllSnapLibraries contains thousands of sketches that can be “snapped” together, manipulated, altered and resized, so users can develop their own designs for portfolios, trend boards, moodboards, pattern cards, concept boards, line sheets and more!


Fashion Designers & Fashion Merchandisers,Universities, Colleges, Trade Schools and High Schools can all benefit from SnapFashun's software. 


As a teaching tool it quickly and easily teaches students the indispensable tools of Illustrator that the fashion industry requires. This teamed with their learning the correct names of fashion details and silhouettes is the beginning that gives them the verbal and technical skills required to work in the industry.


Imagine, learn, create, modify, share, post, print, cut & sew. Creating innovative and unique apparel designs has never been easier with SnapFashun!


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