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What makes SnapFashun unique?


SnapFashun is the #1 software of it's kind for the fashion industry. SnapFashun offers a variety of preset libraries created with designers and students in mind. Each SnapLibrary in the collection is full of thousands of preselected sketches that are stored in SnapFashun’s software plug-in for Adobe Illustrator and turns your SnapLibrary into an interactive reference library as well as place to store and retrieve your personal sketches. All SnapLibraries include both details and items that can be “snapped” together, manipulated, altered and resized, so users can develop their own designs for portfolios, trend boards, line sheets, pattern cards, mood boards and concept boards.


What is a SnapLibrary?


There are currently 6 SnapLibraries. Each SnapLibrary contains many different folders of fashion categories such as accessories, croquis, dresses, pockets, and many many more. There are dozens folders each containing multiple .snap files.


What is a Sketchbook?


A Sketchbook is a category file with a proprietary .snap extension. Each Sketchbook contains multiple sketches that can be used in Illustrator.  There are over 250 Sketchbook files available in the plug-in containing thousands of individual sketches. Below are examples of sketchbooks. 


What can I do with the sketches?


SnapFashun is an indispensable design tool that seamlessly integrates with Adobe Illustrator. SnapFashun sketches are easily understood by every level of the fashion industry all the way from the patternmaker to the buyer. With your SnapFashun sketches you can quickly and easily develop your own designs for portfolios, trend boards, line sheets, pattern cards, mood boards and concept boards. The possibilities are endless!


Who can use SnapFashun?


SnapFashun is ideal for teachers, students, fashion designers, fashion merchandisers, stylists, home sewing professionals, DIY community, retailers and more......


If you are a University, College, Trade School or High School with a fashion program, then SnapFashun is the perfect tool for your classroom. As well, SnapFashun is an amazing addition for fashion companies looking to provide additional tools for their design staff. 


How Can I learn about fashion design and SnapFashun?


We encourage you to enroll in the SnapFashun online course. You can learn more by visiting our course page


Will there be updates to the SnapLibraries?


Yes! SnapFashun will continue to update it's current libraries as well as create new libraries for our users. 


What are the system requirements for the SnapFashun?


The SnapFashun plug-in requires Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 64 bit and Windows operating system (we are not compatible with Apple operating systems).


Where can a find instructions on how to use the SnapFashun?


Please see our User Manual


I have questions regarding activation and my account


Please visit our Contact Us

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