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Do you want to learn how to be a fashion designer but don't have access to a fashion program due to school budget cuts? Are your dreams of a career in fashion being limited because you don’t have the time or money to attend a college or university?

We've got you covered! The SnapFashun Online Program will offer a Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced online series of video tutorials that will help make your fashion dreams come alive!


We're going to bring fashion design to everybody………the young adult who always dreamed of being a fashion designer, the DIY and home sewing professionals, the fashionista that wants to design great fashion and not just wear it. We don't accept limits on inspiration to one of the biggest career paths in the world due to time and budget constraints.

A Truly Unique Program!


Massive Sketch Library

Our database includes 6 Libraries, over 250 sketchbooks and tens of thousands of reference sketches. The possibilities are endless!


Unique Software

SnapFashun's software works seamlessly with Adobe Illustrator. It provides a storage and retrieval program to develop and organize your designs.


Full Fashion Course

The SnapFashun course will provide Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels to learn fashion design like never before!

Why the SnapFashun Program?


  • Combination of our massive database of reference sketches, our storage & retrieval software and an online fashion course.

  • Not every student has access to a school fashion program

  • Not every aspiring fashion designer has the time and money to attend a College or University course.

  • Easy to learn, accessible & affordable

  • No need for traveling, every course is available on-demand, anywhere anytime.

  • Learn at your own pace, on your own time, and on any device

  • Taught by an expert instructor with over 20 years of fashion design and marketing experience.

  • Instructor will be able to communicate with you and you can post questions & comments.

  • Users will be able to help each other out with course content and engage with each other in a learning community.

  • Review the course and provide feedback we can use in future course updates.

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